RoseMary Florist 


Maria |  Owner


RoseMary symbolizes the flower Rose and my name Maria and as you may know that rosemary is a plant itself, so I came up with RoseMary Florist that has a special meaning for me.

I was born and raised in Ukraine and was passionate about flowers from the young age and started working with flowers for a hobby that later became a floristry career.

I like feminine and free form style of bouquets and arrangements and when clients let us do the design of our choice it will always be something elegant, fresh and lush. I’m inspired by every leaf and petal, by every plant and flower, by our amazing nature, that surrounds us. While creating every project I always give a full heart of love to each flower/plant in it.

Today RoseMary Florist, based in Melbourne, Australia, specialises in creating of beautiful bouquets, arrangements and floral designs for events and weddings, using a varied combination of unique flowers and colours. Every client is special to us and we always add a professional and personalised touch to your special day.



You can contacts us on 0432 559 515 or email us at salesrosemaryflorist@gmail.com